The workplace can be hard to get a handle on. One survey shows that 58 percent of employees trust strangers more than their own boss. In addition, 79 percent of workers who leave their jobs cite “lack of appreciation,” and a reported 53 percent of Americans are unhappy at work. With shocking statistics like these, it’s no secret that we are actively rethinking what our workplaces should look like as a society. Providing a healthy workplace environment is highly conducive to productivity and work ethic, and it is essential for leaders and managers to be attentive of this as they guide their employees.

Crafting a healthy environment takes considering many different approaches, involving both business and human perspectives to ensure that work is high quality and efficient while also providing stability and support for employees. At MoreCommerce, my fellow leaders and I look to provide balance and stability to our business and our employees through bettering the workplace. This then begs the question: what does a healthy workplace look like?


  1. Everyone is working towards the same goal

The foundation of a healthy workplace involves creating a uniform goal for all employees to be working toward. An employee’s day-to-day work mostly consists of completing individual tasks, but without being able to connect those tasks with an overarching mission statement, employees will have lower motivation and give lackluster performances. Businesses should have clear mission statements that show their workers what their goal is.

For MoreCommerce, our mission is to provide an effective B2B platform that enables the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. Simple technology has and will continue to disrupt global trade, so we are driven to provide software, services and data to help SMBs achieve success. This is the guiding principle for all our employees to follow while they perform their tasks, myself included.

A clear understanding of a company’s goal not only gives workers a better idea of how to do their own jobs, but also gives them an awareness of the roles of others, allowing for stronger communication and cohesiveness in the workplace. Whether someone is a web developer, a marketer, or an HR rep, I trust that our clear vision for MoreCommerce provides a positive influence on the work we do across the board.


  1. Clear goals lead to open and honest communication and feedback

It seems counterintuitive that today’s work culture has made employees afraid to speak their minds on the way a job should be done. After hiring an employee, shouldn’t a leader allow them to try and shape the company for the better? If a company has made their goals clear, it also makes it easier for employees to spot how they can improve the way that a business attempts to reach them. Employers in turn are not needlessly critical of an employee’s ideas or work quality; they are receptive and open to new ideas, instead providing positive feedback for employees to improve an idea or become a better worker.

Communication is something we value highly at MoreCommerce, and it is absolutely necessary for success. I have personally toured MoreCommerce’s offices located around the globe expressly for this reason: to remind all of my employees about the company’s goals, express plans for the future, and speak to the improvements we can be making. I’m also constantly on the lookout for big ideas from my employees, and I wholeheartedly believe that the best kind of success is the one that can be shared with others. My employees are the ones who make such successes possible.


  1. Employers make it a point to take care of employees

“Flexibility” is a commonly used term in describing healthy workplaces these days, and for good reason. Feeling trapped in a job without any option for relief can be damaging to an employee’s work quality and happiness. Employers should instead be heavily invested in the wellbeing of their employees, considering they are, quite literally, the backbone of the business. Data also increasingly supports that flexible workers are better workers, despite sometimes having unorthodox schedules in lieu of the 9-to-5.

But flexible work schedules aren’t the only way for businesses to take care of their employees. Benefits and perks can be even more important to some individuals. A benefit like a solid retirement plan can be deal breakers, or a perk like freedom to design their personal workspace can be enough to win over strong potential employees who might be on the fence.

I try to be very aware that each of my employees is different and values different things in finding a good balance for their work. When it comes to the workplace, MoreCommerce takes the time to ensure that employees are comfortable in the workplace environment; for instance, we offer catered lunches, company happy hours, and more. Our other benefits, like flexible vacation time, end up resulting in positive workplace attitudes as well. As a leader at MoreCommerce, I aim to show my employees that I am on their side and willing to give them the opportunities to best achieve happiness and success.


Over my years of experience as a leader, I have learned that a healthy workplace comes with an abundance of trust above all else, and the ball starts in the employer’s court. By hiring an individual, you are essentially saying that you trust them to do the job you’ve tasked them, and they are relying on you to give them the tools for growth and success. It is up to employers to provide a healthy workplace in order for both individuals and the company as a whole to thrive.