Michael Schnapf
Michael Schnapf

About Michael Schnapf

Michael Schnapf is the CEO of MoreCommerce, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alibaba Group. He is an e-commerce expert, and has been a part of three multi-billion dollar e-commerce focused businesses in his career, with leadership roles at Digital River, GSI Commerce, eBay and OpenSky.

Michael Schnapf has worked in the e-commerce space for over 20 years. His focus at MoreCommerce is on providing small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) the opportunity to grow their online sales through providing services and solutions to promote online sales growth. MoreCommerce offers B2B platforms, distribution partnerships, data-centric marketplaces, world-class marketing services, and powerful technology to help SMB entrepreneurs expand their online footprint and make the most out of their endeavors.

michael-schnapf-washington-logoMichael Schnapf graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a BS in Computer Science. He began his career at General Mills as a software engineer, becoming a key member of the warehouse management system (WMS) development team. Michael Schnapf then worked as a consultant for Talent Software Services, where he helped build Best Buy’s first consumer data warehouse. Michael Schnapf quickly racked up successes early in his career, but also learned important lessons in dealing with failure.

Deeper into his career, Michael Schnapf began to develop what would become his own style of leadership. As a senior technology executive at e-commerce business Digital River and leader of multiple organizations within the company, Michael Schnapf discovered the importance of going outside of his comfort zone to take necessary risks, showing those around him a willingness to do what it takes to best set up a company for success. After almost ten years at Digital River, Michael Schnapf went to GSI Commerce, where he was recruited to be CTO. GSI represented major companies like Toys R Us, Ralph Lauren, and the MLB, and was acquired by eBay in 2011.

open-sky-michael-schnapfMichael Schnapf then found a home in OpenSky, and as CTOce he took on the task of fixing what he saw as a broken business model. He greatly assisted the organization in altering their business model from a consumer-facing strategy to B2B marketplace services, giving SMBs the chance to expand their businesses and taking on the role of President. OpenSky partnered with Alibaba Group, and the conglomerate eventually acquired the e-commerce business in 2018. OpenSky was then rebranded as MoreCommerce, and Michael Schnapf’s years of experience, wealth of knowledge, and immense dedication earned him the role of CEO of the newly branded company.

Michael Schnapf’s drive in helping SMB entrepreneurs stems from seeing the challenges they face in finding success in the digital age. With his efforts, Michael Schnapf looks to level the playing field for SMBs. In the beginning of his career, his focus was on helping businesses make the move from offline to digital markets. Now, his primary goal is to help those SMBs grow into stable and viable sources of revenue, enabling the entrepreneurs to fully realize their passions. While it’s uncommon for a CTO to make the transition to CEO, to go from fulfilling the vision of others to creating one’s own vision, Michael Schnapf embraces the challenge of putting himself at the forefront of his industry, leading his employees with the passion and skill that have served him for his whole career.

Michael Schnapf lives in PA with his wife and two kids.